Monday, May 27, 2013

Ikusa and Frostheart Phoenix

Some of our group members gathered over the long weekend to play a new board game that Tet Hong bought called Ikusa. I was pretty sure I was toast when You Cai rolled like a BOSS and pwned every one of my attacks. 

At the end of the game, I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to hold off Tet Hong's attempt at assassinating my General. I managed to weaken his attacks and when it came to my turn, I assassinated his Generals. Woot! 

Opening scene - I had lost two armies to You Cai

Tet Hong and Ai takes Japan

Tet Hong's assassination attempt fail and he then gets assassinated

It was a 5 hour game. LOL! Maybe even more but we all had fun with unbelievable results. We have to do this again. We still have yet to play my new card game called Samurai Sword. Of course there is Zombiecide.

Unfortunately my wife fell sick yesterday evening so when she crashed early, I had some time to myself. I just got my Phoenix which I bought for the High Elf army that my wife is playing so I thought I would put it together for her.

This mold must have been quite thick to have that wing tip rise that high

After 2 hours of cutting, filing and gluing, the Phoenix rises, albeit the cold version

Winter is coming and you're gonna strike last at -1 strength.
It was a brilliant kit to put together. GW still know how to put together a good kit. This Phoenix will be hitting a field near you soon

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