Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Batrep: Dark Elves vs Orcs & Goblins

After finishing our 500 point Border Patrol, Tet Hong and myself redeployed for a 1500 point game. I had brought a list and the minis. Most of them are at various stages of repainting/rebasing so you will see a few units with strange bases. Simple scenario, we went for Pitched Battle to keep it simple. 6x4 table and we ended up playing only 4 feet wide. LOL! 

Here is my 1500 point list:

Savage Orc Warboss 
-Sword of Anti Heroes
-Potion of Strength
-Obsidian Trinket

Savage Orc Shaman
-Lucky Shrunken Head

Savage Orc Big Uns x28
-Second Choppa

Goblin Wolf Riders x5

Goblin Wolf Riders x5

Orc Boyz x30
-Second Choppa

Mangler Squiq x2

Doom Diver

Night Goblins x20
-Fanatics x2

Night Goblins x20
-Fanatics x2

This is Tet Hong's Dark Elf list:
Sorceress lvl 4, Pendant of Khaleth and Sacrificial Dagger.
Master, Armour of Darkness, Crimson Death
Master, BSB, Banner of Hag Graef (ASF), Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak

22 SpearElves (I think I made a mistake here. I don't have Full Command I think, only Musician).
23 Corsairs, FC, Sea Serpent Standard (Frenzy)
10 Repeater Crossbows, Musician

Deployment: I vanguard 2 of my Wolfriders up the left flank to threaten his missile units while the rest of the army gears up to beat face. Savage Orc Big Un's take the centre field with both the characters. 

Vanguard move brings them really close to the DE lines. I was betting that one unit would make it through the fusilade of fire

Deployed one unit of Night Goblins into the forest on my left

First round of shooting and both my Vanguard unit of Wolves are gone. In my Turn 1 I moved the rest of my units up. Night Goblins in the middle rolled a squabble for Animosity

Love the Hydra that Sam painted for Tet Hong. Doom Diver picked off 4 wounds from the Cold One Chariot

Crest the hill and let's get into combat! Gotta keep working on those Savages. That's the awesome thing about smaller battles, it allows you to focus your painting effort and actually see it all come together. 

I send my Savages as far as possible. The Night Goblins on the left panicked from shooting from the RBT and Repeater Crossbows. My Doom Diver managed to pick off 4 wounds from the Hydra. That Doom Diver is on FIRE this game! I have to reward the crew by painting them! 

Dark Elves send the Hydra up and charges my Savages on the left. He then used massive magics to kill off 15 of my Orc Boyz. Thankfully they held due to the Warboss. 

As the Hydra charged in, I was forced to release the Fanatic. I chose to let it go through my unit and then contact the Hydra. The Fanatic then proceeded to remove the last wound from the Hydra. Nice

In Turn 3 DE turn, he sent in his Corsairs who had the Frenzy banner into my Savages. Casting his Mindrazor on IF (this was the 2nd IF roll and due to the Pendant of Kaleth, his Sorceress escaped unscatched. I wonder if you can take the Pendant Save from miscasts).  I lost 12 and he lost only a few. My Savages broke combat and fled only to be outrun and destroyed. There goes my General

The Dark Elves had to pursue as they were frenzied
Missed another couple of pictures here. Basically the Orc Boyz got hit by another round of magic and shooting reducing them to less than 2 ranks. The Dark Elves then charged into my thinned unit and they fled, leaving me with a unit of Night Goblins and Fanatics.
Launched the Fanatics through this unit of Corsairs only removing 4 Elves
It was Turn 6 and I had only the Doom Diver remaining. Looks like a solid victory for the Dark Elves.


  1. Vanguard works best for largish units and even then, you need to stay as much as possible out of LOS from heavy missile units. For the Wolves, I am inclined to include a Goblin Hero in a unit of 10 for 1500 points. This would be ideal for war machine hunting
  2. I need a BSB. Orcs depend on it more than any other army out there
  3. 20 Night Goblins are throw away units - I need to learn to throw them away and delay the main force a little. More artillery will force the opponent to play on my terms. 
  4. Killing off their missile units early game may help me control the shooting game
I hope you enjoyed the report. 

Also, can someone tell me if the Pendant of Kaleth can be used to save against Magic Miscasts (IF).


  1. Great Battlerep, it was concise and easy to follow. ABsolutely love the photos. A photo speaks a thousand words (especially when models are painted lol).

    1. Yes, Pendant allows wielder to save against all wounds with a Strength value ( you need death or metal lore bro). Put it this way, if its in the BRB, everyone will use it :)
    2. I'm concerned about your magic defence, or the lack of.
    3. You dont have a BSB! Gork is furious...
    4. You know, I was thinking about a green gunline with savage orc/night globin infantry blocks as well (too tasty to have 6 BT, 2 RL and 2DD). Yum yum.
    5. As an advocate of Fast Cav, you shouldnt put two of them together (low leadership) and if you are not getting the first turn, I would not vanguard them into range of DF's ranged units. You are too aggressive with them bro.

    1. Thanks Krom. I will try to snap more photos to capture every significant part of the game but sometimes I forget in the heat of the battle. Kinda wish someone would come up with a camera that automatically snaps a photo when we take an action.

      1. Dang, I thought he was cheating.
      2. Actually the only reason he managed to sneak those spells through were on IF but he managed to skip dying as his Sorc had that Pendant.
      3. Yea, BSB in the next list. I have been watching Tactical vids
      4. I would use shooting only as a support element. War machines are good but do not overly rely on them. Bolt Throwers can misfire now so no more 7 BT's in one army.
      5. I agree. I am still learning to use this new vanguard rule.

      Thanks again for the comments. It keeps me motivated!

    2. Point 4.

      Challenge accepted! :)

    3. LOL!
      In 7th ed I use to see a 7 Bolt Thrower list in HK. Without the current Misfire table it was really doable! I actually have 7 Bolt Throwers. Hehehe maybe I will try it

  2. Lol! You wound me Raymond. =P

    For me, I think your Night Goblin units should be at least 35 strong, possibly hitting 40 with all the intended heroes in. And you need a standard. With steadfast and a babysitting Warlord, they are very cheap tarpits while your killy units hang back and wait for the counter charge.

    I know Patrick recommended the Savage Orcs to you. How do you feel they have performed recently? I can't remember my battle record with your Savage Orcs after you revamped the list. I was thinking that you can drop the Orc Boyz and convert your Savage Orcs to non-Big Uns. Yes, that means they are strength 3. But I think the points freed up can be channeled to some chariots.

    Somehow, I feel that chariots are very good value in a 1.5k list. Not so much in a 2.5k, but for 1.5k they have high S and T, and are maneuverable enough to charge ppl in the flank while your tarpit holds them down.

    2 S5T5 chariots in the flank of any of my units + impact hits means a lot of dead elves.

    1. Totally agreed. BSB is a must. Actually I may switch or the big uns as it's too points ineffective bringing such an expensive unit in a 1500 game. My 2500 list is the one which has all the bells and whistles. The Savages are very useful not to include. I'm thinking of dropping the normal Boyz altogether in favour of the Savages. Also I'm going to experiment with different frontage. As for the night goblins they're there as sacrificial units but I've not mastered their use yet.



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