Friday, February 8, 2013

Bolt Action Rangers and Fishpond Books

Built up the first 5 plastic/metal rangers from the boxed set. And can I say I'm suitably impressed. Being used to the high standard of plastic minis from GW for so many years of my hobby life I was not expecting anyone else to actually match that. These minis sure did!!! If you are used to the many bits to put together from the endless Space Marine chapters then you will feel right at home with these. And by that I mean actually having to spend about 15mins or so putting together a mini. But it's all worth it though.


  1. I have seen both the British and German Warlord figs and have to say the quality is great and way cheaper than GW. Warlord seems to produce a decent quality of a product.

  2. Does this mean you can use the 1/35 scale tanks for the game?



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