Monday, February 18, 2013

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

I like to challenge the way we think and this being a miniatures blog, I saw some lines drawn between two different elements in my world.

Presenting an awesome 3D printer from FormLabs.

This will change quite a bit of our world. Those who have had trouble designing and creating replicated parts for their armies will see this as a boon.

Your very own Forgeworld
In fact, why not spend sometime figuring out programmes like AutoCAD and then print your very own army.  Samurai themed Space Marines anyone?
Create me a bespoke army! 

Crisp detail. Talk about miniatures!
For those who doubt that this can produce crisp models like those we love, think again. Just look at the sample above. Wow.

Now before you run off and think, "I'll get one at the handy electronics store", it's worth knowing that this baby costs US$3,300 per piece. It is slightly cost prohibitive at the moment but hey, didn't Laserjets start out  at this price point at some time in our lives?

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