Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Batrep 1750 Tyranids vs Blood Angels

Got in a 1750 40k game with Marshall yesterday over at Battle Bunker. It was a grudge match. And if you haven't seen the original game, go check it out

So the forces we were playing were similar to our original game. Both of us wanted to keep testing our forces just to see how it works on the table under different conditions. 

Pre-Battle Setup

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil
Mission: The Scouring

Warlord Traits:
Tyranids - Your Warlord counts as a Objective Capturing model
Blood Angels - Night Attacker (You can choose if Night Fight takes place Turn 1 or not)

Psychic Powers:
Flyrant (Warlord) - Iron Arm, Enfeeble
Flyrant - Iron Arm, Life Leech
Doom of Malantai - Psychic Shriek from the Telepathy deck

Blood Angels:
Librarian (Warlord) - Default
Librarian -  Default

The army lists are the same as those found here

On to the battle report proper. After setting the terrain up, we picked up the 6 dice (randomized) and placed them on the objective counters. Marshall had 4, 3, 1 and I had 3, 2, 2 on our table halves. Damn, I am going to fight for this one.

Tyranid Deployment
Having learnt from the past game with Marshall, I have chose to go for a heavy flank approach, pushing into the side with the objectives.

Blood Angels' deployment
Marshall kept most of his infantry back in his deployment zone and to keep out of my Flyrants and Hive Guards

1st Turn Tyranids
Surged forward with my Nids pushing the Warlord (painted one) and the Albino Flyrant up. Since most of his units are so far behind I reasoned that I could contest the points really early game and then sweep in to his lines keeping him away from them. Not much happened after that but running.

First turn pooping then JAMS! Good news is that the mysterious objective is turns my shooting into Skyfire

1st Turn Blood Angels

So they are all huddled in comfy

Blood Angels move up

Turn 2 Tyranids
Doom of Malantai lands in turn 2 and so did the rest of my Gants who were in Reserves. Scattered 10" towards the 3 point objective

Turn 2 Tyranids movement

Jumped into the building to wait the inevitable Storm Raven. Now I have Skyfire

Tyrant opens fire on the Assault Squad in the open with plans to charge him into that unit
Unfortunately during the Assault turn I failed the charge leaving this Tyrant in the open. Sigh

I failed to cast Iron Arm so wrapped my Tyrant with Gargs so prevent the Storm Raven incoming. 

After all that shooting only one Marine died...

Turn 2 Blood Angels
Shooting killed off most of my Gargs opening him up to the Storm Raven. Unfortunately the Storm Raven was a few inches short! OMG my Tyrant will survive!

Since I failed to charge in my turn, Marshall charged in his Marines

Whack whack whack

He then dies. No surprise

Marshall then charges into my Gargs removing most of them

Doom hovers in during Turn 3 Movement. Tyrant flies over to the altar area to threaten the other unit

Positioned all the units to contest and threaten his Marine unit

Charged in the large brood of 16 into this melee

Casted FNP on the Trygon

Charged everyone in Turn 3

Melee continues

All charges hit. 

Blood Angels failed their Morale but I managed to pursue with my Trygon.

And I fled from combat but there are 2 units so they remain in contact

This is going to be a protracted fight

Took out more Marines from that unit


In drops the Death Co and the other unit hiding in the Bastion. 
The Death Co is one unit that I both fear and loathe. In anticipation of them coming in, I placed my Tyrant here hoping to weather the charge with a +3T and +3S.

Doom gone

Last two Marines get swamped in Tyranids Turn 3
I managed to take out the Storm Raven using the two units of Hive Guard. Nice!
However, the Blood Angels manage to drop the Death Co before the Raven got blown out of the air.

Drop drop drop

I get charged in Turn 3 BA. Nothing I can do so I channeled all attacks into the Chaplain (rolled 6's)
Managed to kill the Chaplain before the Death Co could strike removing their reroll misses! This blunted their charge by a mile. Tyrant survives.

Marines deleted the unit of white Gants

I wiped out the remaining in the melee but there was another unit just behind

Melee continues this time with a FNP buff LOL!

Combat continues in Turn 4 with another +3T/S. Yahoo

Charged both Trygon and Gants into the combat, taking 2 wounds on Overwatch. Dafuq!

Combat continues

Finally cleared the 2 Marines so I moved them to the objective at the back of the BA table edge

Last 2!

More melee! 

Turn 4 I went directly for the objective behind his lines

Turn 5 I just moved up my Hive Guards up

Charged in everything

Kill kill

Turn 5- not much left

Tyrant moves up to the altar to wait for the next round of combat in the event the Trygon falls

The Gants held in Reserve swamping the 4 point objective

With the Tyrant in combat, nothing survives
Looks like Tyranids won the day. Blood Angels were annihilated. Ommm nommm nommm


I guess the objectives no longer mattered now that the Marines were all gone. Was not as close as the previous game but I still enjoyed the game. Terrain looks good too! 


  1. DAMN! free loading again!

    Nice game, alot of action! Good quality photos as well.

    BA player went for infantry list? Only see a Storm raven.

    1. Not freeloading okay! This time I bought a White Dwarf for $16! No discounts.

    2. $16 WD !>!>! BBQ WTF!!!

    3. Treated it as payment for the use of his shop.



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