Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tomb Kings: Big Monstrous Creatures!

Got the latest rumours in my mailbox this morning and boy I am excited for the Tomb King players all around the globe! Look at this!

Looks fantastic and certainly seems like GW holds it's ground as best miniature producers! Rumours first appeared at Warseer []. These were also found over at Beast of War []. Happy gaming people! 

More details which I found over at []

Book is hardcover. 

About the new models:
- Can be used as mount for Tomb King or Tomb Prince, or Tomb Guard, with a base to mount the Tomb King on foot
- Special choice
- Can have poison attacks and/or breath weapon
- The one with the face and wings has heroic killing blow
- Theres another version called the Necrosphinx
- "Thundercrush" attack

Necropolis knights:
- Riders have killing blow
- will have an equivalent It came from below rule
- mounts have poison attacks
- monstrous cavalry

Sepulcre stalkers:
- monstrous beasts
- It came from below
- Gaze that turns enemies into sand

Tomb guard:
- remain special

- Still dont suffer modifiers to hit.

- D6 impact hits.
- Each rank adds +1strength to the impact hits

Skeleton cavalry:
- Archers get scout
- Both get Vanguard


  1. SO SHINY!!!!!! warsphinx, tomb guard!!! NO!!!!! must resist new shiny models syndrome

  2. LOL! Tempting but I wanna focus on my current stuff!



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