Friday, April 29, 2011

Greyscale washes.

To further elaborate on j-hova's previous post on using washes. This is how my mentioned greyscale washing looks like.

As you can see the two models the ghoul has been completed with asurmen blue and ogryn flesh wash.

The skeleton is simply washed with badab black after a white primer. Then drybrushed with white again to make sure the raised areas are white again to absorb and show the colors of the wash to follow.

How I did the ghoul was after achieving the "greyscale". I simply washed the skin with asurmen blue. Then again with orgyn flesh on the blue. And ogryn flesh on the cloths.

As you can see the results are quite impressive for a 5min paintjob.

Just remember to allow the washes to completely dry before adding other colors!!!

Now go get some washes and produce that army in 3 hours!!! Haha!


  1. They look great - love painting with just washes, my Raptors and my LOTR/WHFB Orcs & Goblins get that kinda treatment.

    ps. elaborate is an understatement - LOL!

  2. Very helpful indeed. Thanks for the input beefnuggets.

    I will try your method tonight and do a WIP.

    instead of drybrushing white which takes too much time, I think i will airbrush white after the black wash to get a even layer. This may turn out to be "less is more" Thanks again!

  3. It looks great man! And will save heaps of time too! Thanks much for sharing. I may give it a go as well :)

  4. Wow very fast! I wished I applied this technique to my Gaunts.



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