Thursday, April 28, 2011

Old Website

Unbelievable I actually found my old site! Was talking to Joasht yesterday about my Craftworld story and then I searched online for my old website. I found two editions of it.

The first was this made in the 22nd Oct 2000: It sure did suck!

This was the second one although the original source has gone down (Geocities) so this is an archived version of it: This was completed 5th June 2001

To prevent the loss of my fluff for my Eldar, I am replicating it here!

Terga-Dare (always on the flee)

Warp clouds swirl in a deadly dance to entice the ever-inquisitive minds of mortals, to draw upon their life essences Man call Spirit. Situated at the heart of the Eye Of Terror, sits the edifice belonging to She Who Thirsts, the bane of all Eldar. It was the Eldar who gave 'birth' to it, and it is the Eldar that will remain in a never-ending quest to elude Her grasp. Of the many Craftworlds which escaped the Great Catastrophe, Terga-Dare was but one. However, as it turned out to be, this Craftworld was not totally untouched by Her touch.

As the portents had warned the higher Seers of Terga-Dare of the imminent destruction awaiting their decadent lifestyle, the civilization had prepared for the flight from their homeworld on a vast vessel they called the Craftworld. The more wise Eldar civilizations in the perimeter sectors around Terga-Dare also embarked upon this task of preparation. As the hour approached with the completion of the Craftworld, so began the long journey from its homeworld, carrying with it, the entire civilization of Terga-Dare.

Developing the Aspect Paths was a means as to control the emotions that ran in the complex mind of an Eldar. It also served another purpose, defence against boarding troops. Peace and tranquillity was attained again aboard the Craftworld with sufficiency.

After wandering about for a few thousand light years, the Great Catastrophe struck the Eldar race as forewarned. In one swift stroke, the once large empire of the Eldar was nothing but a wisp of smoke trailing in the winds. Worlds were rendered apart; souls were consumed, as She Who Thirsts was given birth. Of the Craftworlds, many were consumed as they were still within the radius of the cataclysmic vortex blast. Terga-Dare had barely escaped. As the ripple spread outwards from what is now known as the Eye of Terror, half of the Craftworld was badly shaken as a wave of death took grasp and shook the vessel to its core. The musk of death hung in the corridors of the vessel as soulless husks fell to the ground, fuelling Her birth. As the vessel barely pulled itself away from the great vortex, those that did not die were tainted badly. Horrendous mutations of the mind as well as the body took place. Once brethren, those who were touched killed everyone around them. Painful as it was to watch an already dying world being murdered by its own people, the decision had to be made. Thus the Seers called for a culling of those tainted, as it was imperative before they murdered all those who were untouched. However, none anticipated the possibility of the taint touching the Aspects.

The temple and its occupants, the Striking Scorpions were among those going amok, pulling chainswords in swivelling arcs, bringing death to all around them including members of the Temple. Masters pitting against students, allies now turned into empty minded killing machines. The fight that ensued was long and bloody as Storm Guardian squads backed up by Howling Banshees entered into close combat with the potent hand-to-hand combatants. It was the count of numbers that finally brought the Craftworld its victory against its usurpers. Those who went berserk but manage to flee-minds barely intact-using the escape boats promised of vengeance.
As a direct result of this carnage, the Craftworld shrunk in size immeasurably. The once grand temple of Scorpions now stands erect amid the torn section of the Craftworld. It also stands today, as a reminder to the Terga-dare of their purpose. It was they who had unleashed this hellspawn and it will be them who will purge it. Hence, they have adopted the purplish-red colour scheme. A constant reminder of the suffering and death that they have ensnared upon their own beings. The Terga-Dare has also tasked themselves with the duty of bringing back the glory of what once the Eldar's. In that perspective, they share a common interest with many Craftworlds scattered all over the universe now. However, the Terga-Dare do not invoke the other races unnecessarily as the lack of numbers limit them from entering protracted fights. Swiftness backed up by heavy artillery is their key to victory hence the employment of Falcons and Wave Serpents in addition to their growing number of Dark Reapers. This is unique to Terga-Dare, as they rarely stay too long in a fight. In many ways their tactics are akin to their darker counterparts. Howling Banshees, brandishing power swords, which have played a vital role in bringing peace to the Craftworld at its infancy, play a vital role in dispensing death to their opponents. The Craftworld however, do not have a Scorpion Temple, limiting them only to the use of Banshees as close combatants. Their contempt for usurper races that mushroomed in the bleakness of the Eldar grows strong as they continue to watch their own race die while others survive to populate the stars.

Currently the Seers have been drawn to a sector heavily populated by Mon-Keigh, called Anaris. Recent recon [refer +++Recon Ambush+++ (not ready)] has revealed that there are artefacts of the past that could lead to the position of a great weapon known as the Extinguisher of Stars. This single weapon could render worlds apart and tear galaxies in but a whiff. It is this knowledge that has caused the Craftworld to gear up once more for war. It will be a long battle but its Seers have wicked plans to ensnare a local garrison of Marines, known, as the Emperor's Fury situated not too many stars away, to foolishly slaughter the local resistance of Imperial Guard. Less resistance would result in rendering the planet easy for the picking.


  1. LOL!!! I see my name in the 1st battle report-CARNAGE!!! I can't remember anything from that game... 8 years sure pass fast hahaha.

  2. @enrgie:

    I remember your Eldar army manz! It was what inspired me to collect Eldar. Dun see them much these days, i do miss their presence in our games.

    I think almost all members of Warpod are still accounted for :))

  3. I was browsing the warpod40k and notice 1 campaign that was still online with all the stats. How the **** did I lost so much in 1 turn lol, damn I am lousy LOL

  4. Which link?? LOL still the same no? Hahaha!


    I blame the dice, there's a global dice conspiracy against me!



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