Monday, September 13, 2010

Singapore Tournament - Report

I had a fantastic weekend full of gaming - 3 full games with Alvin on Friday to ready me up for the Saturday Tournament PI held at Fusionopolis. I have to really thank each and everyone of you who supported me too!

Shout-outs go to Youcai, Daniel, Melvin, Defeng, Defu and Alvin who were there to "train" me. I hope you guys learnt as much as I did from our 2 weeks of games. Never played that much 40k since 2003!

Anyway, some of you may already know what the result was and I am pleased to announce that I placed top at the Tournament. I will be using the prize money to get myself some Phoenix Guard for my High Elves (we are playing more Fantasy now!).

I took some pictures - would have loved to take more but I really needed to concentrate on the games hence the fewer pictures. Go on over to:

Do leave your comments and let me know when you are available for games!

The last stand of the Nob Bikers!~ 


  1. Congrats hahaha you are now King of Noobs.

  2. At least I am the King of something!

  3. All hail the King lol.

    Great pictures and greater strategies. A well deserved win definitely.

    Time to conquer fantasy eh =)

  4. Thanks Krom! One thing did help me a lot actually and I have to recommend it to each one of you so you'll up your game.

    Do check out:

    It has a lot of strong and good advice in there.

  5. Great pics man! Was there a Black Templar army you faced off in one of the batreps? Anymore shots of his army? ;)

    Grats again on the win!

  6. Unfortunately I don't but I can get Wilson to take more pics maybe he will post it up on our blog. I'll ask him now.

  7. Theres a newbie warmachine/hordes tourny coming up.. does that entice anyone?. I for one am haha

  8. I cannot make it. My army is in Malaysia and I can only get it after this Dec.

  9. OMG OMG! good news fellas.

    My Dark Eldar shld be the upcoming Codex!!


  10. LOL yes, I got the news this morning. You playing DE Elliot?

  11. I didnt play DE when i first started 40k because of the insanely old codex

    and have been waiting for a new release.

    now its the time!!

    btw I have to keep on going thru the authentication process just to post?

  12. You bandwagoner! =D

    Okay, I'll add you and Johnnie as Contributors so you don't have to authenticate.

  13. ermm.. not really. the interests has always been there.

    like Invasion LCG i play Dark Elves. Fantasy nearly started.. was also Dark Elves.

    40k DE codex is really nuttin much.. cant blame..

  14. Then start DE for Fantasy man! We got the Fantasy bug now!

  15. too many models to paint bro...

    + fantasy is very very expensive!


  16. DE is a small army. It comprises elite units so really it's actually cheaper to collect DE than other horde type armies such as orca. Lol.

  17. haha

    decide again later!!

    maybe after seeing you guys play.

  18. Nice report!

    I am SERIOUSLY considering High Elves for Fantasy....

    Oh well, in the meantime, shall focus on my Hordes army first...



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