Monday, September 27, 2010

Campaign - Turn 1

I am participating in the Campaign that PI has organised and have been chosen to be the leader for the Tyranids (Faction Leader). In this map campaign, we have the Orcs, Space Marines and the Nids with each team having 4 players max. Pretty cool rules that Dominic cooked up allowing the ruleset to capture attrition as well.

Head on over to to take a look at the first Turn of the campaign.


  1. wow the planetary empires tiles are big and so nice. Should have bought it with Daniel during a discount...

  2. The campaign sounds exciting! I like it lots cos its fluffy the way Marines were outnumbered by Nids :)) Maybe we can do one for Christmas. No tiles can use cardboard cutouts to proxy first heehee ;P

  3. Dec discount is coming soon!

    I will be leaving for Malaysian 17th Dec. We should play more in Nov when Sam is back!

  4. Excellent idea about a campaign, even with proxy tiles.

    Is it too much to also ask for one for fantasy? Lol

  5. Why not buy the Mighty Empire and Planetary Empires Sets? Combine it to make a bigger map and then keep the bits for when it's 40k or Fantasy.

  6. Hey count me in if you guys really decide to buy the tile sets ;) I think i still have that one tile somewhere that came free with an issue of White Dwarf.

  7. Buying the tiles is easy, but to have a fun campaign need co-operation, planning and ideas/rules.

    Ideas and rules can get from here and the Planetary Empires boxset.

    planning and co-operation need to come from the players.

  8. I like this comment from YC.

    He gets it! Yes, it's absolutely true. The campaign must have everyone contributing to it. Are you guys really keen to do one? If yes, commit! LOL!



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