Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fantasy - High Elves vs Wood Elves

Tale of cousins fighting each other. Caught up with Crazyrat (Youcai) over the weekend after my 40K tournament to play a game of Fantasy. 2000 points aside. Go on over to: to check out the report.

Not as many pictures mainly because the game was kinda one sided. And we were learning the game - flipping the pages as we played.

Looking forward to more reports from you guys!


  1. For learning sake, may I know:
    1. what Lore you used, and was magic phase powerful for you?
    2. Which phase was more important for you as an HE player?
    3. While the Dragon Princes not as good as 7th ed, how did they perform in this game?

    Nice pictures as usual =)

  2. Bloody hell, my replied got swallowed by the warp.

    Yes, that's what this blog is for-to learn! The picture can be improved though.

    1. I used the Death Lore and got spells 1, 2, 3 and 4. I took it originally to get Purple Sun but no luck! LOL! Full of Hexes. -3LD spell being the best against his Stubborn Treeman and Treekin. The -1Str and -1 T is also good but not game changing.

    2. I still feel that Fantasy depends on your movement so I found Movement Phase the most critical for me. Plan in advance and roughly know where you want to send your units.

    3. DP and all cav in general has been nerfed due to the random 3D6 charge. In this game, I had planned for them to take out the Treekin but YC was very smart at playing reverse the whole game so I didn't manage to much. However, they did help break his army advance into 3 waves so maybe a unit of DP still has it's place wi 2A each they can pack a punch. They will still need to get the charge though otherwise you don't get the +2Str frm the lances.

  3. Seems like the Princes still managed to affect movement of the enemy units. Agreed that they still pack a punch. I am definitely gonna try them, also my favouraite unit, out =)

    I guess our magic phase (using Mr T. or Book of Smelly Cheese) is a force to reckon with still, especially with so many useful spells/hexes/augments.

  4. I call my Mage the Made in China Teclis. 100 points of Teclis love but you will have to beat the casting roll.

    I dunno if Mr T is really cheezy. You think so? Well, I don't mind trying him out. Hehehe, my next opponent will weep.

    I would use the DP as a countercharge, use them to hold off an opponent in place. With 5 DP's that's 11 attacks at Str5 which is likely to hit (and hit first) and wound! People would be wary.

    What are your thoughts on the Silver Helms? I love them in the 6th ed when they were Core. YC, Defeng and Dan has seen my cav army.

  5. Lol, I will let you try out Mr T to find out how much he stinks =)

    Agree with you on the Dragon Princes. Furthermore they are immune to flaming attacks.

    I love Silver Helms too. They are cheap Dragon Princes to me and if I use them I would use 1-2 Chariots for a combined charge. Their ASF helps a lot. So far they have worked well for me. Need more playtesting definitely.

  6. Hmmm but the fear factor ppl get from seeing a unit of Dragon Princes are much higher. Besides they are great blenders. I may try Silver Helms out too. I've actually got a theme song for them:

    Sing to Silver Helms


    Silver helms silver helms lol...

    Actually I forgotten my treekin got stomp and treeman ancient has thunder stomp... nv use them throughout the game...

    My mistake during the game:

    I was too eager to get into close combat (I blame blood angels... black rage) I should have waited for you to reach my lines, since you dont have purple sun and just hex spells. Flame of phoenix I can dispel in my turn also, its only str 3 for the 1st rip.

  8. Was a learning game anyway. I am sure now you will remember those rules.

    Krom: Are the points for Silver Helms x 10 = Dragon Princes x5? Give them full command though.

  9. @Crazyray. Will you sing that song as you STOMP them into splinters? Hahah

    @Enrgie. Not really, more like 3X5 Silverhelms for 2X5 Dragon Princes (without command, the way I use them haha). Of course, the princes' ability to carry magical banners should also be noted =)

    I will hopefully be free enough to post my game with my Silverhelms up soon for comments and criticism and get a game with two units of princes.

    On a side note, certainly get more KFCs. These chickens (with a free stomp) are very very useful now =)

  10. So you run those in separate units? You need to show me your strategy in using them. I'm actually quite keen to see how you do. Post your batrep here man! Did I make you a Contributor?

  11. Eh I won't go to the extent of calling it strategy.

    Mostly I spam MSU, haha, you can ask Crazyrat. I will try to do up a battlerep. Try to... lol.

  12. Okay, pop the batrep up here - pics help alot.

  13. Great!Nice tabletop assembly for your fantasy miniature games.It looks you have a powerful collection of troop for the command post.

  14. Great post! I really love to see your collection. I hope you could post a close up photo of them.

  15. Nice set! I really like war toys. I could play with it using my wild imagination.

  16. Thanks to those images you have. Great post! I like it as collection. I hope i can see it close up. Thank you!



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