Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Road to STGCC - Game 1 vs Patrick

So Jason and I decided to team up for the Singapore Comic Convention which took place this September at Marina Bay Sands.

Patrick agreed to get me back into the game so I broke out my old army to try it against him. If you guys still remember, this was what it looked like from the last 3v3 that Zim, Mark and I went to.

The army that helped our team clinch Runner Up in the last 3v3

At this point, I was super rusty with rules and 40k in general. This would be a battle to wake me up. Our game was hosted at Battle Quarters.

Our host decided to decorate the table FULL OF TERRAIN! I had a great laugh mainly because it favoured a close combat army. Guess what Pat brought to the table that day? An army full of Genestealers.

Like a Son of Sanguinus, I soldiered on.
 I chose to deploy the Death Company up front, hoping to take Turn 1 and charge him using Forlorn Fury the strategem. Unfortunately I didn't manage to secure the first turn, allowing Pat to move up his Genestealers enmasse.
Hormagaunts as meat shields

Bottom of Turn 2
By the bottom of Turn 2, I had little left. Pat destroyed the Death Co, killing off most of my hard hitters and forced the bulk of my tanks into a corner. We called it at Turn 3 I think.

The list needed work so I went back to tune it.

I really liked Slamguinus, the Smash Captain so I added another into my list. I dropped my Razorbacks in favor of Sanguinary Guard. I also dropped Lemartes to allow me to bring in the SG.

Stay tuned as I bring more bite sized posts for the STGCC journey that Jason and I went through. 

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