Monday, December 18, 2017

Ashes & Dust - Monsters of Malifaux

Have gotten around to painting my Ashes and Dust for my Outcast faction. Really good fun putting this model and painting it. Here are some highlight photos from my journey! 

Big believer in putting as many models together as possible, even terrain! 

Raw plastic! 

Now with bases made of Milliput and a trusty press

Preshaded, I start off by getting the bases done up. 
Drybrushing always leave marks on the miniature if you're not careful so best to get it done first. You can always cover up those mistakes as you paint the actual model thus saving you time and effort. It's all about efficiency! 

I used the airbrush to get the base colors down on Ashes & Dust. The zenithal highlight on the Desolation Engine helped to create the highlights before I added a wash to crate the skin layers
Here are some pretty pictures! I hope you like them!

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