Saturday, April 8, 2017

Malifaux Henchman Hardcore Tournament April 2017

In preparation of our local Henchman Hardcore, I got in 2 games with Patrick on one of the weeknights. Put together a list I thought would hit hard. Comprised the following:

Rusty Alyce, Johan, Bishop and the Hodgepodge Effigy.

Aonious just slowed my entire list down
Unfortunately, they did not perform particularly well and I lost both games to Patrick. I felt that Alyce just didn't cut the mustard. I did however fall into the trap of trying to kill Aonious and ignored the threat which was Bishop to my chagrin.

Going home, I then mustered a new list. One that was based around an old favourite of mine.

Hannah, Johan, Bishop and Desperate Merc.

These 4 would now form a new team for the coming tournament.

Started putting paint to the models before swapping out the Hodgepodge Effigy for the Merc

Pre-shade work really well to creat the highlight and shade

I was then teed up with our local Henchman and was prepared to give up
Until a Red Joker called his Red Joker and I managed to give Nekima Visions of the Void, forcing her to be Paralysed thus winning me the game. It was a 6-3 victory at the end of 45 mins.

Sam vs YC on the table next to mine
Today marks a great day as YC, Sam and Defeng first made their appearance! I have been cajoling them to play for the longest time and am so glad to see them make it in this 10 player event. All 3 unfortunately are not too familiar with the rules so we had to help them every couple of minutes but I didn't mind, as long as they were enjoying the game.

In my second game, I was matched up with Derek. Funnily enough it was like my list was built to counter his list. He brought Baby Kade, Candy and 2 other Minions that I can't remember.

Unfortunately for Derek I tabled him
My card draws were really in my favour and my initial hand was unbelievable, basically it was a Royal Flush - allowing me to win nearly every duel. Also, it's funny because he insists on cutting my deck every game. LOL!

Won this 6-3 as well.

I was then paired up with Eugene, a regular and adept player. He was also very familiar with my list making this a tougher game.

Eugene's list was more tanky and disruptive, forcing me off the point a couple of times but I managed to draw 3-3
My final game was with Keith, a regular player known for his good lists, good play but SLOW play. Not that he does it deliberately but he does deliberate sometimes too long.

I know now never to talk into a list like this
Toshiro and Necropunks was able to hammer the hell out of Hannah and losing her on the last turn meant the point swung to Keith. I ended losing 3-6.

With 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, I ended up finishing no. 3. I was poised to take number one too! Ahh well, Welcome to Malifaux. LOL!

Total loot for the 10 man event

My haul-I love that new certificate
I managed to pull Johanna, a model that I have been hunting for a long time now for my all female crew. I ended up being a happy camper and managed to add two more Scripts to my collection. Still waiting for Wyrd to release better models than the current collection of plastic 1st sculpts. 

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