Monday, April 3, 2017

Bloodbowl Mania

I guess some of you out there may have bitten by the Bloodbowl bug. I have gone full tilt and bought into it. I first fell in love wi the game in 2001 at the end of 2nd Edition. Fast forward to today and an updated set of minis and beautifully produced board, I was hooked. I present to you my 1mil gold pieces team. 

Before I could finish the team, I had to play them so stuck the numbers first in a hurry.

Went on to finish up as much as I could for my game with Alan the next day

Another sample model
Just a few layers of highlights were missing and of course the grass.

I then got a beat down at the game with Alan and his Dwarves - aptly named Snow White's Gigolos.

The Black Orc stood in for my Ogre
I drew the game and levelled the Ogre up! Gave him Stand Firm and headed out for my next game with Zim. He played High Elves and man, I lost that game 2-1.

Thankfully, I won some experience points for my Linemen and No. 2 which I called Butterfingers levelled up. He now has Dodge! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of that game.

Game 3 with Skaven
Managed to then tee up a game with Weijia's Skaven called Failed Experiments. Those rats run fast! Lost the game again, this time 2-1. Sigh...maybe I'm not very good at this game. Ah well, at least I am having fun.

Finally it arrived! 

Comparing it to my Troll for my Orc team - looks pretty similar in size
The team as it now stands is as follows:
2 Deaths so far. The rest will be named when they level. Highly dependant on their performance on the field too

Spread out and hit them hard!

The team ready to rock and roll
Still a few more bits to do with their faces, a stripe here and there to detail the players but they are 90% complete. I'll add detail when they level up

Some reinforcements, thanks goes out to Melvin for the models! 

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