Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gaming Stores Around Asia: Hong Kong Fun Atelier

I am currently in Hong Kong and I thought I would quickly share some awesome pictures with you guys. I used to live here for 2 years and Fun Atelier (FA to the locals) was THE hangout spot for gamers. Back then I was into Fantasy more than 40k as the terrain at FA was lacking but now, 40k has really grown. 

FA moved from Queen Elizabeth Building to this other place opposite of Southorn Park. 

Look for this building. It's on Level 2

Converted Stormraven-looks like parts from Chapterhouse

Tons of bikes, cheese! 

Just above, the store Tyranid army

There was an amazing Batman miniature showcase too

Looks very good! 

I love this Wraithlord

Took two angles of it. Amazing balls

Massive rack

They have 32mm bases in stock! 

Demo area with terrain Jason made. 

Player's area on the right hand side with loads of terrain next to the windows
Unfortunately most of the guys are working so aren't playing today. Would have been nice to run into either Caz or Alex. Still, this place is a great place to hang out if you are living in Hong Kong. Do go check it out! 

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