Monday, April 27, 2015

Apocalypse: Shield of Baal Exterminatus

After 7 weeks of hard campaigning and both sides have their rewards for their factions, it was time for the finale. I would also like to thank Titan Games for being excellent hosts, being supportive by dedicating a place for us to play and giving us participation prizes. 

Shout-out goes out to all the players who participated and continued in the drive to secure the Baal System. 

This time it would be something different. Rather than just using the apocalypse ruleset and win conditions, we would be using the 8th scenario from the Shield of Baal Exterminatus. These were the forces that partook in the grand battle of Tartoros: Fallen Hope.

Tyranids brought a total of 9,000 points of gribllies including a BioTitan (Alien Queen)

The Alliance of Imperials and Necrons used their 600 extra points to purchase massive structures and Imperial Knights
Based on the scenario, the Tyranids had to deploy first and the Imperials would go first. The mission was simple, secure the objective sitting in the middle of the Tyranid table.

We scattered most of the Gants out to blanket the table and prevent the Alliance from DeepStriking

Marshall's Fried Chicken

Adamantium Lance anyone?

The First Born are here to protect Tartoros

The powerful Baneblade took to the field surrounded by grunts

Space Wolves took to the field to defend the forts

Necrons allies brought their strange devices

Midfield was about to turn red with blood of the fallen

Necron allies move up to support the first push

The Alliance took to the skies

That is one massive cannon


Pew pew

Some proxying going on here-that's 3 FireRaptors

48" of open ground

The Wolves do a daring drop into the Tyranid back lines

Supported by a WolfDread

Ample more Gants to take these pods on

As the signal smokes clear, the Imperial Knights push up 

Necrons advance

The Tyranids drop their deadly cargo but in the confusion, skipped the Psychic phase thus leaving the Zoats in the open

Then the Tyranid air-swarm swooped in

While the Alliance were concentrating downfield, the Tyranids had struck deep behind their lines

The Alliance dropped their Smoke Screen but some bad scatter left a few of their flyers open in the back

Some desperate close combat

Gargoyles helping out the combat

Tyranid backfield empty quite peaceful while the air swarm took the Alliance's attention
Turn 2
The Alliance turned their attention back to the air swarm

The Alliance turned some of their guns back to our lines while the others advanced 

Half and half. The plan was going full swing

The Alliance managed to down quite a number of the Tyranid flyers

One of the Imperial Knights broke formation to take on the Zoanthropes

Aerial view of the battle

Some parts of the Alliance was advancing while others stood back to deal with the air swarm

Alliance lines

With the remaining flyers, the Tyranids now advanced. A pincer move took out an Imperial Knight and grievously wounded another

The Alliance right flank seemed to hold it well

Empty mid field

Wolves were being hunted by our Supreme Warlord and its minions

While 2 brave units of Necrons whizbanged in

Forcing some of the Tyranid Exocrines to turn back into their backlines

Slice and Dice were having a great time

Carnifex charged in and managed to do some damage on the newly arrived unit

Having completed its job, the Fex turned its attention to the next unit

Deathwatch sent a Watcher to analyse the battle. Was there some sinister plan afoot?
 Turn 3
The Alliance Air Cavalry returns. Was it too late?

Meanwhile the backlines were nice and peaceful

With our Alien Queen holding the backfield

The Imperial Knights continued their advance while lobbing shots downfield taking out some lowly Gants. A drop in the sea

The two Harridans really tanked a lot of firepower and managed to survive the salvo

The Alliance tried their best to steal the objective from the Tyranids but were mercilessly cut down and cut out
 Time ran out and the players had to go home. The Alliance were also aware that it was quite impossible for them to kill off all the Tyranids in order to secure the objective. This simple scenario was not so simple after all.

We decided to call the game and the Tyranids had taken the victory. Imperials will now have to resort to some other desperate measures while the Necrons search for another solution.

The players who participated each received rewards from Titan Games for their participation during the campaign! 

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