Friday, October 17, 2014

Completed Guardian Squad Addan's Wave Serpent

I managed to put the final touches on the Wave Serpent that serve Guardian Squad Addan. These included panel line highlights which is a mix of Warlock Purple and Emperor's Children. I then go back and pick out the extreme edges with Emperor's Children. 

Also added the red gems to the Serpent. These start with a base of Scab Red, Blood Red and then Blood Angels Red finished with a white dot. 

Added decals to identify the Wave Serpent pilot and the rear logo for Squad Addan. 

Front shot

Rear decal with Guardian Squad Addan's symbol

Top shot with all highlights to 100% completion

Nicely blended in using the products below
YC recommended I use Mr Mark Setter and Softer to help blend the decal in. 
Started working on the Dire Avengers

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