Monday, October 13, 2014

14,000 Points Apocalypse ABO Style!

After waiting for what seemed like forever, the guys and I finally got a chance to gather and set down our models for what seemed like our quarterly Apocalypse game. This time it seemed that we have escalated the pointage. 2 players aside with 14,000 points of miniatures on the board. 

We had Marneus Calgar (Marshall) and Cypher (YC) on one side. On the other side we had Bellial (Stephen) and Eldar (myself). 

It seemed like Belial was on the hunt for Cypher and the Eldar for their own reasons were coming in to assist them in capturing this agent of Chaos. Marneus it seems has been duped into working with Cypher. 

Let battle commence! 

Belial had most of his units waiting in Deep Strike. I deployed my Super Heavies and Serpents to try to capture objectives

Belial sent his Imperial Titan up early to contest

The Eldar was helping the Dark Angels hold their outpost

It was an Exterminatus! 

In Turn 1 the Eldar Walkers Outflanked going for the Imperial Titan

Belial had taken the Precise Coordinates Strategic Resource which allowed him to Deepstrike without scattering. It was a gamble putting the Terminators so close to their heavies as I was planning to pelt them with my long range Str D AP2 5" Templates

More Terminators materialize in our opponents' table edge

Subtle shades of gray

Pipped off some Hull Points from that Titan but it survives for the moment

My wife piloted this Revenant and was shy of 2 Hull Points to destroy their Warhound Titan! Amazing rolling

Right side of our field. We had managed to destroy their Imperial Titan for one SVP

Warhound Titan spying Terminators in the open

Marneus sends in his Marines to capture our objective

While Cypher himself dropped in behind enemy lines

Marneus himself dropped in to challenge Belial! 

YC managed to destroy 3 of my War Walkers

Both sides unable to charge on the turn they arrive, it was time to jostle for position

A very busy midfield

A very quiet no mans land.
At the end of Turn 1, the scores are:
Marnues + Cypher: SVP 4
Eldar + Belial: SVP 2 + Imperial Titan 1 = 3

Turn 2
Warp Spiders dropped in to eliminate potential scoring units

Meanwhile all Guardians disembarked to recapture the Strategic Objectives

Managed to destroy the Rhine but the Marines that disembarked scrambled behind the rubble - HUMCHI!

More fighting

Belial charges in and challenges Marnues

This fight would earn either side 1 SVP for slaying the Warmaster

Which retinue and boss would prevail? Belial did! Hoorah! 

Mid table

My Walkers were being hunted by these pesky flyers - very efficient in taking my Walkers out too! 

Cypher orders his Castigator Titan to advance up

The Eldar fans out to engage the Marines. Marneus sends in another Pod to secure this objective

Some excellent shooting leaving some Spiders dead

Excellent shooting killed off many Eldar forcing the Guardians and Avengers to flee

Marneus orders a charge but it lacked bite leaving both Serpents untouched

At the end of Turn 2, the scores are:
Marnues + Cypher: SVP 10
Eldar + Belial: SVP 2 + Warhound Titan 1, Warmaster 1 = 4

Total score:
Marnues + Cypher: 14
Eldar + Belial: 7

The Belial Eldar Alliance was trailing quite a distance. We have to concentrate on the objectives!!

Turn 3
The Jetbike contingent revs their engines and gun for the lone Marine who was capping the objective

The Eldar sent the Revenant Titan back to destroy the Drop Pods and support the right flank now that the large targets are down. The Scorpion engages the Glaive Super Heavy Tank. Our Imperial Titan engages their Castigator and manged to kill it. Unfortunately the explosion killed our Imperial Titan!

Finally manage to wipe the Marines off my side

Turbo boosted the jetbikes up in the hopes of securing the other mid field objective

Wiped out the Marines on this side and surrounded the objective with the Jetbikes

Marnues tank shocks the Dark Angels killing off 2 Terminators

I advanced both Walkers up to try to capture this objective

Marneus orders another Warhound Titan, expending 1 Strategic Point to attempt to eradicate Belial and gang. And they successfully deleted this unit helping Marnues to capture this objective 
Unfortunately due to the store's opening time, we could only get in 3 turns. 12:30PM to 6:30PM gave us about 6 hours of game time. Now we had to calculate SVP's.

Eldar captured

Eldar captured

Eldar captured

Eldar captured

Cypher's alliance captured

Marnues' Alliance captured

The table after 6 hours! 
 At the end of Round 3 the scores were:

Marnues + Cypher: SVP 6 + Warmaster Bellial Killed 1 - Warhound Titan 1 + Imperial Titan 1 = 7
Eldar + Belial: SVP 12 + Castigator Titan 1 = 13

Total score:
Marnues + Cypher: 21
Eldar + Belial: 20

A very closely fought game!!

Each player holding on to their Titans! 
I love apoc games simply because they are massive and each action counts for less. Working together to achieve success is important! My wife joined us today and it was just great. Letting her pilot the Revenant Titan made sense. Stephen wants her to roll all our dice!

Looking forward to the next one! 

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