Monday, July 14, 2014

Improving the Gameplay X-perience for X-Wing

Like many of you who dived nose deep into X-Wing have come to realise, you'll find that our ships slide about on the gaming mat quite easily. This makes for a disruptive game as the game is meant to be quite precise. 

My friend Roy found a simple solution. 3M Bumpon stickers. Once stuck under the base of the ships, they provide a solid grip. You can now push your template against the base and the base still would remain locked to the spot. Here's one example

4 to a base. This ship now grips really hard on the mat. 

Look for these

They remain flush to the mat preventing your template from sliding under
The next thing he improved on was to use these velcro packs. Sticking one of each pair to the target locks, I now did not have to rummage through my box every time my X-Wing or Shuttle took a Target Lock action.

Stuck them on

Now they are always matching! 
Hope these ideas help make your game smoother! 

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