Monday, June 10, 2013

Orcs & Goblins Army Profile

This page will showcase my Orcs and Goblins army as it grows. And as more models get painted, I will add their pictures with a bit of snippet of who they are, how they have performed on the battlefield in this blog within a blog. 

Grogskull Thumpa
The "Chieftain" as they call Grogskull Thumpa at the camp. Leading a wild bunch of Savage Orcs under the "advice" of his Night Goblin Shaman Gobbit Lipsmacka, he has been pushing out of the Lustrian forests and into the Badlands seeking Zugribba. Gobbit had promised him ample fights and man-thing meats for him to gorge on. He is armed with twin weapons, Cleava and Breaka.

I'll thump your skull then eat your bones! 
Grogskull Thumpa and his raiding party seek destruction!

The horde gathers 

Ol' Lobba and their crew

Work it you grots! 

The Unreliables

Gobbit Lipsmacka
Gobbit Lipsmacka is twin to Snikit Hamstringer. Both were birth in the dark caves on the slopes of the Dragonback mountains. Gobbit often spoke of a loud booming "voice" which just confused little old Snikit. Listening to these voices, Gobbit could "interpret" these signs and often shared it with Snikit. It was these voices that kept them alive through the nefarious caves of Night Goblinhood. 

On one stinky day when the squigs were sporing, Gobbit received a vision while observing the stools of a Giant Cave Squig. It spoke of a brutish Orc simply called Zugribar. He was held by hummies in a camp just beyond the Badlands. Gobbit and Snikit put a plan around rescuing this matador of Orcs. 

Shrooms in my little bag

Out they march to join Waaaagh Grogskull Thumpa


  1. Your boss looks great! I really love seeing and playing against your army.

    Have you considered adding more details to make him stand out slightly, though?

    1. Thanks!

      I have highlighted him to the furthest at the moment. I guess maybe veins and tattoos are the final stages



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