Friday, March 22, 2013

WIP: Necron Tomb Blades & Magnets

After painting up my first wave of Necron Warriors I had been booged down with work and just couldn't make time for the hobby. However with the much anticipated March School term break I made  myself fix up the many Necrons I bought for this years 40k painting project. Other than these boxes here I already have 40 warriors, a ghost ark and a unit of Destroyers.
I decided to built up the Tomb Blades first as I really like the models and they looked fairly simple and uncomplicated (boy was I dead wrong). 
Started with the main structure and all was relatively straight forward, then I got to the part where causes the most problems for me. Wargear. You see I'm not much of a gamer, I collect and paint up my models 90% of the time. With the remaining 10% or less on actual gaming. But I like to build up my armies "game legal". So WYSIWYG is very important to me, as well as choosing the correct wargear to arm the miniatures with. I don't want a unit I painstakingly painted up to be totally useless in the game (should I ever get around playing with them). 
Then the nightmare begins, it's been quite awhile since I touched GW models, and I was rudely reminded that GW kits are so detailed that it would require millions of parts for a model. Even the most basic exhaust pipe came in two parts! Guess I've been pampered by Flames of War and Dust warfare the past year or so that suddenly multi-part kits seem so daunting! Little did I expect to spend the entire afternoon just putting these guys together, gosh.....
Well after putting together 55475869 pieces of plastic together to finally form the miniature I went on with thinking about how to magnetize the guns for the Tomb Blades. As the joints were not slot in or simple snap ons I had to do a little cutting to make the magnets fit. Fortunately this was not too difficult.
All the weapons with the magnets nicely slotted in.
Weapons easily swapped out yay!
Now on to my next kit, the Wraiths. Hope it will be easier.......


  1. Love your work. Great to see you started. How many points you targeting for

  2. Currently it stands at 1850 without HQ and upgrades. I guess the points are roughly there. Will probably pick up a Night Scythe and thats about it for the Necrons for now.

    1. Wow that means you have 1750+options. This would be awesome. I am looking forward to taking some robotic resources for my HiveFleet. Mmmmm

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. where is Dino? thought he will be in picture. wow many necrons bikes



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