Thursday, December 20, 2012

Batrep: 1750 Tyranids vs Black Templars

Awesome gaming goodness these past few days. ABO really kicking it down. We went down to Funan Battle Bunker again. Played with Sam this time who took Black Templars. Rolled on the following:

Mission: Will of the Emperor 
Deployment: Standard
Warlord Traits: 
Nids - Personal: Master of Defence
BT - Sam let me know! 

Psychic for Nids under the Biomancy Lore
Flyrant: Iron Arm + Haemorrage
Walking Tyrant: Iron Arm + Quickening

1750 Tyranids (Ray) vs Black Templars (Sam)

Nid deployment
I got the dice off for first turn and I went for the classic cluster. Carnifex leading the charge with Tervigons next to them. The Tyrants kept behind just a step to benefit from the 5+

BT spread his units a little wider, using the Land Raider's mobility to push from the flanks. Two units of Tacticals took the building on the right, claiming the objective

BT tried to steal initiative but failed on a 4.

Tervigon on my right pooped out a few Gants and then JAMMED. Recurrent trend? Tervigon on the left pooped out quite a number but kept on going. Moved the rest of my unit up. Tyrants both advance to the fore but I glided my Flyrant to the left field to tackle his Land Raider.

Surge of the monsters
My mysterious objective turned out to be Skyfire. Woopdeedoo!

Iron Arm on my Walking Tyrant with +2 Toughness. I sent him in front to soak fire

Casted Feel No Pain on my Gants since they will be taking the brunt of the fire

BT shooting in the first turn removed 2 wounds from my jammed Tervigon.

Flyrant: "Please shoot me!"
In Turn 2 I advanced my Flyrant up the building and managed to cast Iron Arm on himself. Tervigon on the left spewed forth more Gants, this time a little albino ones to blend into the white terrain. Concentrated my shooting into his Terminator squad in the open on the right of the building. Managed to kill off 3 Terminators after 12x4 (rerollable) Str6 shots. That's 48 rerollable Str6 shots. Wow those Terminators can really shrug off pain. His Land Raider took 6 shots from my Hive Guard on the left and survived with only minor scratches (needed 6's to glance).

The tide comes!
In Sam's turn, he responds by moving his army forward.

A little left field action. Good Tervi

Then it happens
The bulwark of Humanity does not disappoint. In Sam's Turn 2, out popped the Emperor's Champion, BT Marshall and 5 Terminators. Yikes! My plan was to let him charge me then envelop him with my Gants.

Traffic jam?

Space Marines advance

Ironic that I took so many pics of my death

The eventual charge!
Those Black Templars hit like a ton of bricks. The Emperor's Champion challenged my Tyrant putting the Tyrant out of combat from the rest (nice). Managed to put one wound on that muppet while taking none in return. The rest of his squad killed a ton of my Gants as Sam split charge - Disordered Charge which meant no +1 Attack.

In Nid Turn 3, I glided my Flyrant to his rear lines while the Tervigon in my lines pooped out a few more Gants. Still no doubles. Nice. Hive Guard plinked away at the Land Raider this time managing to strip 2 Hull Points.

12 Str6 shots later

Actually managed to remove two Terminators (gone) with Gant fire!

The Emperor's Champion took out my Tyrant. Fex not in combat
Slay the Warlord goes to Sam

So in a bid to repeat my success from the previous game, I threw my new unit of Gants into this Space Marine Spearhead. Go go go Gants!

Many attacks later

Where did the Flyrant go? BT charged in and 2 Power Fists later...

Put more shooting from the Hive Guard into the Land Raider but no luck removing those points.

I had a unit of Gants in the building just behind these Terminators which I planned on sending into this combat to tie the Black Templars up. I rolled the charge range and I got double 1's. Sigh...

Freed from the irritating Gants, they could pick and choose their targets now. I was in deep guano.

Promptly went for my Carnifex and Hive Guard (Marshall charged out)
Emperor's Champion takes out the Fex for no wounds in return.

Don't know how long these can last

I think there's a beast on the right. 


And for my saves, I rolled these

Sam moved is unit up to contest my Objective and deny me my 3 VP. He also had secured Slay the Warlord. I managed to get First Blood.

BT: 4, Nids: 1

It was an awesome game nonetheless. It has been a long time since I played with the ABO boys. Sam brought a good strong list, one that I hope to play against again till I learn how to beat it. Watch this space! 


  1. Nice report. What was the BT list?

  2. I was there to witness the battle, both generals had very solid army lists and ran it very well. Enjoyed the battle report, keep up the good work.

    Marshall Sim

    1. Thanks Marshall. We hope to see you around the store as well. Maybe get a game in. 1750 Is the preferred choice

  3. @Elostirion41

    Hi there, the BT list was as follows. We were playing 1750pts.

    1 Emperor's Champion
    Vow: Abhor the Witch (A recent change from Accept Any Challenge as after the FAQ i realised Preferred Enemy is now Rage)

    1 Marshal
    Storm Shield Power Weapon, Artificer Armor, Frag & Krak Grenades, Melta bomb

    5 Sword Brethren Terminators
    2 with Cyclone Missile Launchers

    5 Sword Brethren Terminators
    2 with Cyclone Missile Launchers

    7 Sword Brethren Assault Terminators
    2 Lightning Claws, 5 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields

    5 Initiates
    1 Neophyte
    1 with Plasmagun, 1 with Lascannon

    5 Initiates
    1 Neophyte
    1 with Plasmagun, 1 with Lascannon

    5 Initiates
    1 with Plasmagun, 1 with Lascannon

    5 Initiates
    1 with Plasmagun, 1 with Lascannon

    1 Land Raider Crusader
    with Smoke Launchers

    My Warlord Trait was the one that gave Furious Charge in the enemy deployment zone. I forgot the name of the trait though.

    @Marshall Sim
    Thanks for the kinds words bro :) We had a great time too. I have been running this list since August 2011. Its been a lot of fun.

    1. Thanks for posting. I've been assembling a Black Templar army and was curious about the details of your list. It looked like I had similar items/models in my list, so it was cool to see it basically in action. Again, nice report.

    2. As i said, this is a solid list. Just a little suggestion on your marshal's wargears.. why dont you swap his powerweapon to thunderhammer... with a stormshield, he will not get a +1 attack anyway... He will be much more scarier in combat and challenges

      Marshall Sim

  4. energie got First Blood, the Terminators on the right were taken out by Gant fire.

  5. @Elostirion41
    Most welcome :) All the best with your Black Templar Crusade.

    @Marshall Sim
    I'm keen to give the Thunder Hammer a try. Agree that it will give an edge on the strength. I was hitting lots, but not wounding as the monstrous creatures were T6.

    Just have to overcome my fluff hehe! My BT are from the Twin Swords Crusade, characters only use swords. I can use my other BT character Obermas,the Master of the Fleet. His badge of office is a TH :)



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