Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tervigon Conversion

Some of you may have been following various blogs on when the next big Tyranid wave is going to hit and man, I am so disappointed. I was under the impression there was going to be a mega release this August 2011 but it never came. 

So I like everyone else used my Search-fu  to look for more juicy rumours only to come up with various Tervigon conversions. This is one that really jumped out. Smart use of parts from the Arachnarok, Carnifex and Trygon kits. It's expensive but I thought I would share it with some of you guys out there. 

In the event you're wondering where it came from:

 Does remind me of the Alien Queen
 Where all the gribllies come from
 Non-upgraded Tervigon - still keeping to the six limbed creature
 Enhanced senses
 Still prefer the Fex claws instead of this one
Personally I think the Tervigon should be on a oval and he used it too. 


  1. Interesting- I kinda like the upright pose there, and the "maw" looks pretty good. I don't like the look of the "stubby" claws, though, all of the others are better.

    Oval base is probably the nominally correct one for W6 creatures, yeah. Fits better, too.

  2. LOL as I put this post up, I found this online:

    Loads of legal stuff but basically talked about how Chapterhouse may have changed the way GW now will release it's models. Interesting.

    That also means that we are not going to get the Tervigon any time soon. Sob...

  3. I wonder if GW is run by 11year olds.

  4. Hey, I'm doing a post on Contemptors and found your dread and started thumbing through your blog and saw this! This model turned out fantastic. Here is a finished post and the original post on our blog. Enjoy!



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