Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Racial Diversity "Soul Brotha Marines"

I need to order this and add some racial diversity to my space marine armies... I swear I see Wesley Snipes in one of the sculpts... Maybe he can be the blade wielding day walker in my death co.


  1. Those are some pretty good facial sculpts.

  2. Good for Salamanders.

  3. are salamanders of african dessent?

  4. Salamanders are supposedly dark skinned marines.
    So I guess if we could get some african looking minis it would enhance the effect!

  5. thats so funny that they are dark skinned marines. In american history, there was an all african american baseball league and even as early as during the american civil war, there were all-african american battle companies... funny how that transcended into warhammer as well... I'm actually kinda surprised no one finds it racially discriminating about the term "green skins" seems like they are insinuating something with racial capacities...



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