Monday, January 3, 2011

News: Sneak Peak of Stormraven and New Blood Angel Dreadnought

A bit of breaking news. Got this information from my good buddy's site: Floor Gaming.

Picture of the upcoming StormRaven built. You can also spy the sprue for the new BA Dreadnought. Looks like a good year for the Space Marine lovers.

Now give me a new Tyranid sprue!


  1. I read that tyranid are also coming out new stuffs in 2011 (the tervigon/tyrannofex plastic kit and other metal special characters) maybe in later half of the year.

    From what I read mostly in warseer forum

    Jan- skaven
    Feb- Blood angels
    Mar- O&G 8th edition + Dark eldar BM and succubus
    April- Dark eldar vehicles???
    May- Dark eldar vehicles??? Grey knights 5th edition??
    June- Grey knights 5th edition??

  2. I havent heard any rumours regarding Tyranid sprues though. You have a link? It'll be awesome if they plan to do a major monstrous creature release and if the rumors are true then I'll be buying 3 tervigons and 3 tyranofexi. Hehe


    *Also, in other rumors, August is being banted about as Tyranid 2nd wave. To include:
    Doom blister
    Tyrannofex plastic with options to build as Tervigon - unreliable rumor as to the optional build, but I'm throwing it in
    Tyranid direct only lashwhip bonesword upgrade blister for warriors
    "yrmgarll?" direct only genestealer flashgit model, one pose, direct only.*

  4. Very psyched about the Tyranid sprues but really unimpressed with the Stormraven drop ship... bleurgh!! :S

  5. Only 8 months! Almost enough time to get a baby!

    Thank goodness I don't play the SM. Drop ship reminds me of a bobble head!

  6. Blasphemy!!! Storm Raven ROCKS!!!

    SpezE! marin3 are the BEST3ST!!



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