Friday, February 24, 2017

Drop Pods - In Bulk

I am a big believer that you spend less time per model if you just did them all in one go. Call efficiency of scale I guess. After the base construction, I hit all parts with a Black Primer followed by the relevant reds. I use an airbrush, Vallejo Game Air Scarlet Red followed by Bloody Red. Apply them in thin layers and do them at angles so that you retain the shade to the crevases. 

My paint booth is basically a cardboard box in my balcony

As painful as these are, I absolutely have to do them because they break up an otherwise boring model

Now you know why I hate these Pods...

Boom! Glue them up and they be ready! 

See why those black yellow stripes work? They are so nice
Drop Pods are tough to build and tougher still to paint. However, I do like their look once deployed on the table and they are also good in game. Hopefully 8th Ed won't come and rip me a new one. 

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