Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Quick Rep: 1850 Craftworld Eldar vs Ultramarines + White Scars

This game was played awhile back before my game with Weijia. Basically it was me getting back into Eldar. Apologies for the delayed report - work work. 

We've all heard about the White Scars shenanigans with the Hunter's Eye or some relic. In this game, I get to experience what it is like being hammered by it! 

So for the astute of you will notice that I have not been playing a lot of 40K recently and I guess I do owe you guys an explanation. I have been working hard at work to buy these new models! Haha! I have also been doing a lot of studying for a Japanese language exam which just finished on the 6th December. Hopefully I passed! 

Back to the game! 

So I built a pretty balanced list which contained mostly units I owned and was keen to try them out. I have always loved the Wave Serpents but I guess in this meta, they are kinda weak now. I switched over to my trusty Jetbikes and swarm them I did. 

Got Contact Lost as our mission and I got the First Turn so I took it.

Grav Centurions made short work of the headless Knight
And Marsh dropped the hammer and took out my Knight in one round of shooting. Hunter's Eye is everything as bad as it sounds. Looks like I may have to consider bringing in that shield.

Tried going for the Warlord but them Marines really tough to kill

Wraithguard make short work of the Marines but I doubt they earned their points back
I did not take many photos in this game and basically failed hopelessly. Surprisingly though, our point gap was quite small at the end, I think I lost by 2 Objective Points.

As always, playing is the best to learn! Here's hoping I can put together a stronger list for my next game. 

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