Friday, October 30, 2015

Last March of the Titans - Tournament Report

This weekend was one wrought with ups and downs but thank goodness for 40k! Patrick organised a 1500 point tourney to herald the farewell to our gaming den, Titan Games. This would be a bittersweet tournament. 

The vibe was contagious. Everyone brought their A game and the meta was really quite different from what we saw at the GREX Invitationals I attended with the boys. Some reason, the TG crowd brought more hordes and large units. In this meta, it would be the large units such as the Knights that would take the crown! 

The tourney was also unique in that it goes back to the GW days where marking is done not purely on your wins but also your ability to paint and knowing your fluff. The TO's prepared a 20 question quiz to supplement the tourney. 

I brought a fairly balanced list comprising the following:
Flyrant: TL BrainLeech Devourers with Wings
Flyrant: TL BrainLeech Devourers with Wings
Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons x3
Warriors with Devourer x3
30 Termangats
15 Termagants
15 Termagants
25 Hormagaunts

My first opponent was none other than Rico with his really beautifully painted Necrons. Was really glad to have our armies duke it out. Unfortunately because it was a tourney and was timed, I couldn't really take as many photos.

Took a few photos of the other tables to give you guys a taste of the meta

Demons vs Grey Knights

Eldar vs Ultramarines
Pretty funny when Marshall and Alan drew against each other as they are regular sparring buddies.

Our Jason with Necrons vs another Grey Knight army

My opponent, Rico with his Necrons
Compared to the previous tourney, you will find there is a lack of large things called Knights. There was however one such player, Fauzi! He would go on to be quite unmolested in the following games.

Jammed on the first birthing
I really love the sea of Gants feel. Really invokes the Tyranids feel. I just wished GW buffed them a little, giving them a FnP 6+ while within Synapse would be amazing. This would really allow them to function in as tarpits and objective scoring units. Please GEEDUBS!

Jam those metal machines with our biomass! 

These things were impossible to kill! 

Going for Zandrekh was also a gambit that never really paid off.

Objective 1 in the middle really sealed the game for me as I just could not move the Necrons off the point
I eventually lost the game to Rico by 2 points, which we both agreed if he had rolled 1 or 2 on the D3 for Ascendancy (Maelstrom card), it would have been a draw. Amazing photos and Rico was relaxed so it was a good game.

Pat then jigged the names and came up with the next round of pairings. I then ended up with our own Ripperling, Jason! We had played once previously as practice and it went in his favour. This was already starting to look grim.

A combined Relic and Big Guns game

Jason had 3 Flyers in Reserve waiting to pounce and I had the first turn, give me First Blood! 
I went after the Wraiths but could not take it out. Ah well - Necrons don't really give out First Blood that easily.

Kept throwing Gant units after Gant unit at the Wraiths. Managed to cap the objective for one round before dying and dropping it
Unfortunately, I lost this game by 2 points again! What is going on! LOL! But playing with Jason was also relaxed so I just took it as a fun game with a buddy.

Pat then rejigged the names and I was paired with Alan! He has been practicing with me recently but I was using Blood Angels instead. Alan has been working at his army quite regularly but fell shy of completing everything.

One major movement mistake opened the Tervigon to the Wraithknight and I lost her

Monster vs Robot! 
Alan kept pushing me to move and do stuff so I didn't manage to snap too many photos. I eventually finished the game and we drew! It was a Draw! Buahahhahahah!

Pat really came up with unique scenarios and I enjoyed it. It was creative and forces players to think on their feet.

While I didn't finish well in this tourney, I managed to get the Lucky Draw ($30) and won the Best Painted award ($50). Really lucky and happy! I took that prize money and picked myself up a Predator (albeit Chaos) to supplement my Blood Angel army - I will just drop off the Chaos bits. Thanks to Titan Games, Liang and Patrick for organizing such a great experience. I think it was the first for many players too - who were basically casual players.

On a sadder note however, Titan Games will be closing this weekend. It was a great place to hang out and make new friends. We were building the community there but I guess the business wasn't sustainable. I know we at ABO go away having done our part. I only hope the next place we go to will offer us the same type of honesty and support. In return, we will support the store and help develop the community.

Farewell TG. 

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