Monday, July 27, 2015

Slowburn: Month 2 and 3 Show & Tell

It is the end of the 3rd Month and we decided to meet for the Show & Tell on Saturday, 25th August at Titan Games. I brought my 750 list (basically everything I have committed and painted for the Slowburn League. Here are some pictures from the event. 

My Blood Angel led by Corbulo and Lemartes

Alan's Dark Eldar and Harlequin army

Tze Min's White Scars led by a Librarian

Davin's Dark Angels also led by a Librarian! 

Marshall called in the assistance of the Ultramarines since his Guard fled in the previous 2v2

Rico's beautiful Necrons

Just another shot of this army
Alan managed to score the best Story Teller and Painted award. It's too bad I didn't manage to get it!

Some of the astute among you will notice that there  are several players who have fallen to the wayside and failed to submit their completed pledges at the end of the month. I only hope that they are working for the 1k event. 250 per month is manageable if you plan it out. Looking forward to the 1k Event! 

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