Thursday, October 3, 2013

Flashback Fridays! Tanks of the Imperial Guard!

While I was packing my room I came across some of the first few tank kits I ever bought in my hobby life. I'm sure many of you will remember these, it wasn't too long ago maybe 15yrs? (correct me if I'm wrong) 

Anyway not much has changed in terms of the models. In fact its exactly the same except recently they "redesigned" it by streamlining the models and adding a little more details to the recent plastic kits. They did retool the entire kits though so I guess you could still technically call it a "new" model. Anyway the point I'm driving at is that the overall aesthetic hasn't changed much at all. Which is a good thing after all it ain't broke.

Enough rant on to the pics. Enjoy!

Look how far we have come. Guess the only things that stands out is that for one tank kit now I could have bought 2. Darn price hikes!


  1. Now that is retro. I just found another trygon in my storage too while looking for my carnifex. Nice!

  2. those old school box designs look sweet!

  3. Way to swing the nostalgia hammer ;)

    I remember my first tank purchase was a Leman Russ. I didn't even have an Imperial Guard army, I didn't care. That tank was just too cool to pass up. While painting it, I made the mistake of placing one of the sides on the grill of my halogen lamp, thinking it would dry faster. the warped side of the Leman Russ fits right in to the rest of the damage and extra stuff I tacked onto it while converting it to an Orc Looted Wagon, haha.



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