Friday, November 30, 2012

1750 Tyranids vs Necrons

I finally managed to get some time to play 40k 6th Edition. This would be my 2nd game in the 6th Ed and this time I had the guidance of Patrick who is well versed with the game. 1750 aside, I went for quite a shooty Nid list. My Monstrous Creatures all had twin linked Brain Leech Devourers where possible (currently not reflected on the models yet). Managed to deploy my freshly built Tervigons! 

The idea behind the list was really to shoot the opponent in mid range and then mop up in close combat when they have been weakened. The Gaunts were then to capture objectives. 
For psychic powers, I swapped my both my Tyrants' powers for Biomancy because I was told it's good. Managed to roll 1,2 for the Winged Tyrant and 1,3 for the Walking Tyrant. I gotta say, I love Iron Arm (Biomancy 1). Awesome spell. +D3 Toughness and Strength. T9 Tyrant? Yes please! 

I kept the Tervigon powers (Onslaught) since I knew I was going to need my Hive Guard to be my rapid response crew since the Necrons list Pat brought had 6 Arm13 vehicles. Yikes. I was really worried that I could not handle his vehicles so deployed my army into a ball of death clustered around my Tyrant. 

The mission we rolled on had a sideways deployment with 6 objectives which were random and mysterious! 

Onwards to the pictures! 

Anchored the army around the Walking Tyrant. My plan was to envelope my biggest creatures with the smaller ones to give cover saves when I realised that my Tyrant, Carnifex and Tervigon are all 3+ save so didn't have to go through all that trouble. LOL!
We rolled and it was revealed that I had a 4 point objective. Nice

Pat seized the initiative and took first turn. He moved all his Barges up and took out my Carnifex and put 2 wounds on the other Carnifex. First Blood goes to Pat. At this rate my Monstrous Creatures are not going to get past Turn 2. 

In my turn my moved up my army en-masse to pursue the objectives and cover the distance to the Barges. My first priority was shooting them down. 

Focused all my effort into the Barges and the Hive Guard again proved why they are my favourite bugs. Destroyed all 3. I breathed a sigh of relief. 

In Turn 2 Pat took out my spawned Gaunts closest to the centre objective. Oh, did I mention that my Tervigon on the right JAMMED again in Turn 1? Sheesh...

Biomancy is awesome. Casted Iron Arm on my Flyrant and the 3rd power (can't remember what it's called) on my Fex hoping to gain back a wound from It Will Not Die. 

I moved my Flyrant up to challenge his Ghost Ark and managed to destroy it. Phew!

Pat moved up his Scarabs to block my lines. Very good move. I will definitely include this in my repertoire of moves with my swarms. 

In my Turn 3 I moved my Flyrant over to stop his Warriors from moving onto the 4 point objective in my quarter. 

While the rest of my army shoots his units as much as possible

During my assault phase, I TRIED to charge the Necron Warriors who were FIVE inches away. I rolled 3 on 2 D6. FML

I charged my Carnifex into his Scarabs after shooting and consolidated closer towards the 3 point objective in his quarter. 

In Turn 4 his Deathmarks appeared behind my lines, threatening my Flyrant and the 4 point objective. Crud I forgot about them.

Pat took out my Fex. After CC with the Scarabs they actually remove armour saves. Wow, didn't know bio armour can be munched on too. 

The first (and only) brood that my Tervigon spawned in Turn 1 still holding on to the objective.

Sorry for blurry picture but this is at end of Turn 4, start of Turn 5

Managed to destroy the Deathmarks with my Flyrant in CC in Turn 4 then consolidated closer to his Warriors near the 3 point objective. 
We called the game at Turn 5 cause it was already 1030PM and we both had to run off. I managed to score 7 objective points while Pat got 3 from his quarter. To be fair luck was with me. 4 and 3 point objectives were on my side while his Deathmarks did not appear till Turn 4. Enjoyed the game cause it was balanced and I had tools to react to each of his elements. Pat was also really helpful in explaining swooping and gliding, new rules in 6th ed.

I am looking forward to the next game. Air Nids anyone? 


  1. Awesome battlerep!

    Keep them coming,Ray!

    1. Thanks Krom! What about your games in the US??? Go to Gencon and take vids for us!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. We played at gamersaurusrex a new store located at Thompson Road. I can bring you there the next time we go. They are huge!

    2. I went there once before. Alot of good food there.

  3. I really enjoyed the batrep :))

    Hey there's a new place to play? We should go there one day to check it out!

    1. Yea, it's this place called GamersaurusRex. I would highly suggest going there. Great terrain and tables are available. And best part is that it's FREE! Muahaha



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