Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Red Tide part 1

After client dinners/drinks last night it was too late to begin painting. Nevertheless, I had to get my fix of 40k so i decided to show off some of my infantry units as I've only been posting mech unit updates. *white helmet power fister is my fav. model (painted by me lol)*

I've cleaned up all of the made-in-china fake marines... as you can see, I still suck at painting eye lenses... Tips anyone?


  1. Wow! They just look so good together man! Its an army worthy of Sanguinius's blessings :) I think they look perfect.

    I always thought orange highlights to be loud. But the highlights here just blend in real nice and makes the models pop.

    For lenses i just paint 60% of it leaving the back part of the lens black. I add Skull White for highlights and a dot of white at the back of the lens to give the shiny effect. You can also add varnish once the paint dries so it looks like glass ;)

  2. are you brining this army to join the tournament in SG?

  3. guys. I will come to singapore... my boss will be pissed but then again, I love 40k models. nothing better than going to city I never been to to play 40k. I'll admit, this army is virgin red... never played with BA before and so far, I am still waiting for characters to be finished. I look forward to meeting you all soon!!!



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