Saturday, March 21, 2009

Swordmasters who are an absolute infantry blender! With ASF, the effect of being charged or charging is the same! Best unit to hide my mages in.

If you look at most of my minis, you will notice that they don't have their movement trays anymore. I have magnetised all their bases with rare earth magnets and have used a metal based paper stuck on cardboard. This is amazing to hold them in place while still minimising the base size for the unit. No confusion and they can stay tipped next to a hill
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  1. I really love your High Elves. They are so beautifully painted (although photo seems to be a bit blurred which is a shame really).

    Would appreciate more pictures!

  2. Thanks man! I will probably get more of their pics out when the new Fantasy released. Planning to have those games wi you guys when I return to SG!



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