Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Guess i should post some stuff too.

Random Cadians lying around. I know it doesnt fit in a fantasy blog but oh well. I took a pic might as well post it!

And my 5yr old dark elves patiently waiting in line to get coloured......


  1. nice collection of DE there, your cadians are very good too, the face painted so good from the pic.

  2. Those cadian guard look insane!!! I like how the highlights on the fatigues look so crisp and fine... makes it look almost as if the creases are real.

    Can you tell me what colors and order you use to do facial features? faces have always been an area of neglect for me. I figured space wolves wouldn't exactly be your backstreet boy kinda guy but nonetheless I like how you are able to pick out such fine facial detail. keep it up!



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